I’m Tired of ‘If Onlys’

The names of the horses are ringing in my mind

Why are those pocket aces so very hard to find?

Why can’t Ronaldo always score the first goal?

Why can’t I get this gambling under control?


It started very small, with a lucky first win

Gambling was to me, like tonic was to gin.

The stakes they got higher, I surely couldn’t lose

When those horses raced, my body didn’t move.


The heart rate increases, the adrenaline explodes

As I watch the final fences, to see how it bodes

My fingers have no nails, they’re down to the bone

but the horse, it loses  another payday blown.


Poker was another vice that never ended well

Beaten on the river, oh the stories I could tell.

But tomorrow will be better, I would always say

The bookie would agree, as he consoled his prey.


Tomorrow never came and my money, it is gone

Overdrafts, credit cards and debt is all that I own.

If only Annie Power had stayed steady on her feet

If only Liverpool and City could have avoided defeat.


I’m tired of ‘If Onlys’ and losing all my cash

I know I need help before the inevitable crash

But I’ve a tenner in my pocket and a tip from a ‘friend’

I’m off to the bookies and you know how this ends.



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