The Great Oak

The Great Oak


The great oak fell to the solemn sound of tears

As the branches gathered in a warm embrace

The centre of their world, holding them together

Keeping them secure through the stormy weather.


Seventy five rings were etched deep within its heart

Visible to the branches, as the great oak, it did depart.

They huddled together, to keep each other safe

knowing that this could be the last embrace.


Their lengths, they did differ, but one it was so small

For it had never ventured far, always scared to fall.

and now it was alone, without its pillar so strong

Like Samson, God had felled it, crushed, gone.


And the gusting winds of life did soon gather pace

Scattering branches wildly until they found their place.

The smallest branch it flew right into the sky

Thinking it was leaving, that it was going to die.


But like the caterpillar evolves, nothing stays the same

That tiny little branch soon finds a different name.


Many branches now blow gently, sheltering from the storm

The tree, like the one before, keeps them safe and warm.

But the memory of that great oak will never be forgotten

It will be recited to the branches, each and every autumn.










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