Why I have set up this blog

So by now, you will have noticed that I have posted a few items on my blog, from short stories, poems and songs to other issues such as sport and general ramblings. But I suppose I haven’t really introduced myself into the world of the writing community and that really is my main aim with this blog.

You see, I’m not in the ‘right’ literary circles. My friends don’t write, have no interest in writing and also have no idea that I have any connection to writing. I grew up in a world of sport, from football to basketball, I spent my entire youth and my twenties pursuing my passion of football. Because of this, my love of writing, while not diminishing, took a back seat. There simply wasn’t time between work, gym sessions and training to devote any time to the literary world.

But alas my sporting ambitions were cruelly shattered with an ACL injury that has left me nursing a wounded ego and a post-operative knee. Watching my team mates strive for glory is horrific or should I say, watching me team mates strive for glory without me is horrific?

So this brings me back to the world of writing. That big bad world where everyone else seems to be brilliant and successful and can write so fluently and easily that it makes you want to punch them or jam their fingers in the door. I also have a confession at this point, I have a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to the literary world and I know it’s so bloody stupid.

I grew up on a farm, my mum and dad were not educated but both were/are the most intelligent people I know. They both left school early to work and help their respective households. As kids, we wanted for lots but needed for nothing, if you can understand what I’m trying to say. Education was top of the agenda for both of them and I was given every possible chance to make a career for myself. I did a degree in English and History and continued that with a masters. Despite all of this, I still feel like an outsider in the world of writing. Even though I’ve studied the works of Shakespeare et al, I still feel like it’s a world that I don’t inhabit, it’s as if the saying, ‘it was far from Shakespeare you were reared’ applies.

And yet I love to write. I love writing poems, short stories and songs. I have no idea if they’re any good, in fact I’ve never had the courage to show them to other people. It’s as if allowing other people to look at them will burst the bubble and I’ll realise that even though I love writing, I’m not particularly good at it. I’m not sure if others ever feel like that, but I do know one man from the same town as me who is involved in writing (and has no idea that I am) and he said that people in small towns are limited in their ambitions because they think that someone from ‘said town’ could never be successful at something like writing. He even went as far as to tell me that people think he’s not really ‘with it’ because he’s into writing.

And so that brings me on to why I set up this blog, wow you’ve probably stopped reading by now, because I do have a tendency to ‘go on’ a bit. But anyway, that’s why I’m here and my aim is to get people reading my stuff and hopefully commenting, either good or bad and also so I can read things that other people write. So if you read this, thank you very much and if you want to leave a comment, it would be much appreciated. I will endeavour to read your material and provide feedback as a way of a thank you.



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