Schoolyard Blues Part One

Ryan Harper Writing

The tears dripped slowly down his face, as he stared into the mirror, hating the figure that stood before him. Ade was big for fifteen, but he felt two feet tall, as he examined the bruises on the side of his face. It wasn’t the bruises that hurt the most though, it was the taunting that had come after.

“Gaz, watch what you’re doing, if Kelly sees him all bruised we’re dead.”

“Not bloody likely lad, this lad’s so fucking black, they won’t even notice!”

The laughter still echoed in Ade’s ears, as he tried to stop the stream of tears willing their way from his eyes, until finally he buckled and threw himself on the bed, covering the wailing with a pillow, so his mother would not hear. He didn’t know what to do, he had no one to turn to, he had to try to deal with this…

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